Hum: Short Documentary

Diagnosed at 19 years old with schizoaffective disorder - which has been described as the ‘unhappy marriage of bipolar and schizophrenia’ - Kevin Nolan began writing music to regain some of the freedom he’d lost due to his illness. ‘Hum’ is an intimate and music-fueled tour of Kevin’s world.

Director: Nathan Fagan
Producer: Nathan Fagan
Executive Producer: Ben Murphy


Winner - Best Documentary - Short Lens Competition - Guth Gafa Documentary Festival, 2017
- Best Short Documentary - Barcelona International Short Film Festival
- Best Short Documentary - Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, 2017
Official Selection - Cork Film Festival, Ireland
Official Selection - Belfast Film Festival
Official Selection - Silk Road Film Festival
Official Selection - Still Voices Film Festival, Ireland
Official Selection - Shebeen Flick Film Festival, Berlin
Official Selection - First Fortnight Film Festival - Irish Film Institute
Official Selection - Sleeping Giants Film Festival
Official Selection - Au Contraire Film Festival, Canada
Official Selection - Astra Film Festival, Romania
Official Selection - Paphos International Film Festival
Official Selection - Ficsam International Mental Health Film Festival, Portugal
Official Selection - Festival Da Saúde Mental, Portugal
RTE Shortscreen Programme 2018